Safer Gambling

We want our Swifty members to enjoy their gambling experience. If you feel that you need support or think you may have a problem with gambling there are a few options to help stop or limit yourself.

Users are able to set their safer gambling settings once they are logged into the application under the profile / settings icon. Users will be able to set their deposit limits, set reality checks, suspend their account or exlcude themselves from Swifty altogether. Below sections will explain more about each of the options that are available.

Deposit Limits

Users have the ability to cap/set how much you deposit on a daily, weekly or monthly periods. You can set a deposit period and amount that works for you, these can be changed at any time.

Reality Check

Reality checks help track how mcuh time you are spending on the Swifty predictions website or applications. You are able to set a reminder to appear after a certain duration to help keep track of how long you have been playing.

Suspend / Time Out

Need a hand in taking a break from our applications? Users can temporally suspend their accounts up to 45 days. During this time the user will not be allowed to log back into their account.

Self Exclude

For anyone that is struggling to manage their gambling, self exclusion offers the ability to remove yourself from our applications from a period of 6 months to 5 years.

Further support if you are facing issues with gambling

Gamble Aware

Gam Anon


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