Frequently Asked Questions

What is Swifty Predictions?
Swifty Predictions is a fast paced micro betting swipe card application where users can make predictions on their favorite sporting leagues.
Where can I download the Swifty Predictions app?
Swifty Predictions is not currently available for the public. We are going through our final testing while we wait for our first gambling license to be issued.
How can I place a bet?
Cards will be automatically shown to you, by swiping right you will place the bet. By swiping left you will discard the bet card.
How much does it cost to play Swifty Predictions?
Before swiping the cards, you can select the amount you wish to bet using the bottom right currency button. Pre-set amounts are created by default but these amounts can be edited to make the bets larger or smaller.
What is the most I can stake?
At the moment the maximum limit for any bet is equivalent to 20 USD.
Where can I find my bet history
The bet history can be found under Prediction History under your account.
How can I change the odds format?
We support odds format in the standard formats found by most operators; Decimal, Fractions and American Moneyline. Swifty has also created a new format called "Give it to me straight", this is where you can see the currency amount that you will get back based on the staked amount.
What deposit methods do you accept?
We accept a number of payment options that range from country to country. Payment options available include, debit cards, cash vouchers and alternative payment options i.e. wallets.
What are the minimum and maximum I can deposit?
We accept deposits from 10 USD / Euros to 500 USD / Euros.
How much can I withdraw?
You are able to withdraw your availble balance at any time. Due to AML laws, if a user deposits and then trys to withdraw without placing any bets then their account will be suspended.
How long do withdrawals take?
This depends on your chosen withdrawal method. Bank transfers and debit cards take between 2-5 working days depending on your bank, and ewallets are instant.
How can I find out how much I have spent on Swifty Predictions?
You can see the transaction history for your account for a period up to 30 days. If you need a period beyond 30 days please contact our customer services team.
What sports do you offer?
We support all the major European and American sports and leagues. If we don't have your league, drop us a message and we will do our best to support it.
I feel I’m spending too much time or money on gaming sites, what can I do?
Please refer to our Safer Gambling page.
How do I raise a complaint?
Please email us at using your registered email address and the nature of your complaint. If you are unhappy about the outcome of your complaint you may contact your local regulator/arbitrator.
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